Welcome to The Best of Habibi

Habibi-A Journal for Lovers of Middle Eastern Dance & Arts was published by Shareen El Safy in Santa Barbara, California from 1992 through 2002. The over 260 feature articles and accompanying photos from each of the 27 issues are recreated here in digital format in The Best of Habibi.

The Table of Contents page lists the full titles and authors of all of the included articles. Specific articles can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate issue on the left sidebar. The search box can be used to find key words or authors names in individual articles.

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For more info contact Shareen El Safy: Shareen@shareenelsafy.com

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Tel: 805.962.9639

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Copyright © Habibi Publications 1992-2002, Shareen El Safy, Publisher.

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Welcome to The Best of Habibi

A Journal for Lovers of Middle Eastern Dance & Arts. Over 260 articles and counting!
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