Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Below is a list of the major articles in each of the issues that were published in Habibi Magazine between 1992 and 2002 under the ownership of Shareen El Safy. Authors’ names and key words in titles can be searched on this page using the “find” function in your web browser. To search the entire website, use the search feature at the left.  Individual articles may be accessed by clicking on the specific issues on the sidebar on the left. All contents are protected by copyright. All rights reserved Habibi Publications 1992-2002.

Volume 19, No. 2, September 2002

Leona Wood: From the Kamarinskaya to the Danse du Ventre, by Susan Marshall

Touring with the Ali Souissi Dancers, by Aisha Ali

Salomé’s Dance of the Seven Veils: Oscar Wilde, Esoteric Thought, and the Dancer, by Andrea Deagon, Ph.D.

Dance and Jurisprudence in the Islamic Middle East, by Anthony Shay, Ph.D.

Wizards and Harlots: The Tainted Status of Musicians and Dancers, by Laurel Victoria Gray

The Rebirth of the Sacred Dancer, by “Shahrazad” C. Diallo-Huisman

Ethnography of an Epiphany: Physiological/Psychological Indications for Trance-like Behaviors in Middle Eastern Dance, By Marguerite Kusuhara with Richard Adrian Steiger

Peptides and the Mind/Body Orchestra: Shamanic Healing in the Zar and Sema Rituals, by Katya Faris

The Rapid Healing of the Sufi Dervishes, by Ron Iverson

Looking Beyond Despair: Zainab Salbi, Changing the World, One Woman at a Time, By Stephanie Heuer


Volume 19, No. 1, February 2002

Cover: Sohair Zaki

Sohair Zaki: Singing with Her Body, by Francesca Sullivan

The Image of the Eastern Dancer: Flaubert’s Salome, by Andrea Deagon, Ph.D.

The Ghaziya and the Khawaja: Kuchuk Hanem and Flaubert’s Sexual Homelessness, by Stavros Stavrou, Ph.D.

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? Iconographic Sources of Middle Eastern Dancing, by Anthony Shay, Ph.D.

Public and Private Entertainment at a Royal Egyptian Wedding: 1845, by Kathleen Fraser

The Harem: Contrasting Orientalist and Feminist Views, by Latifa

Envisioning the East: Russian Orientalism and the Ballet Russe, by Laurel Victoria Gray

Born from Different Continents: Comparison of Turkish and Egyptian Style Oriental Dance, by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat

Imitation and Originality, by Shakira (Elizabeth Fannin)

Backlash in L.A.: The Impact of Attitudes Towards the Middle East, by Virginia McCrum Bendaoud


Volume 18, No. 3, March 2001

Cover: Nagwa Fouad

An Uncommon Woman: Nagwa Fouad, Queen of Oriental Dance, by Shareen El Safy

A Personal Journey into the Heart of Islam: Exploring the Sufi Moulids of Islam, by Tim Coleman

Adventures in Tunisia: A Performance at the Municipal Theater in Sfax, by Aisha Ali

An Anthropologist Looks at Ballet as a Form of Ethnic Dance, by Joann Keali’ihonomoku, Ph.D.

Reflections of a Time Past: The Music of Andalusia, Yesterday and Today, by Nicole LeCorgne

Dance Education: Bringing Middle Eastern Dance into the Mainstream, by Trisha “Ashana” Hanada-Rogers

Setting the Record Straight: Creating Middle Eastern Dance Archives, by Michelle Forner

Shakira: The Latina Rockera Explores her Arabic Roots, by María Rebeca Castellanos

An Explosion in Salta: “La Danza Arabe” in the Hinterlands of South America, by Tamalyn Dallal

Cultivating the Image: Student Venues and Professional Performances, by Miramar


Volume 18, No. 2, September 2000

Cover: Laurel Victoria Gray

The Dancing Diplomat: Laurel Victoria Gray, A Traveler on the Silk Road, by Anne Apynys, Ph.D.

Spirituality in Iranian Music and Dance: Conversations with Morteza Varzi, Robyn C. Friend, Ph.D.

Tanoura is Sleeping: Exploring an Ancient Whirling Ritual in Cairo, by Laurel Victoria Gray

The Dancers of Soliman, Adventures in Tunisia, by Aisha Ali

Tribal Custom, the Quran, and Revolution: the Changing Role of Women in Algerian Society, by Khedi

The Female Other: Reversing the Gaze, by Latifa

The Emergence of the New Sacred Temple Priestess, by Z-Helene Christopher

Ancient Attitudes, Modern Malaise: Religion, Sexuality and Psychological Growth in the Middle Ages, by Shareen El Safy

Finding My Legs: An Oriental Dancer’s Adventures in Academics, by Marie “Maleeha” Wilkes


Volume 18, No. 1, April 2000

Cover: Dr. Mo Geddawi

Dr. Mo Geddawi: Renaissance Man in Transition, by Habiba

Cheb Mami: A Desert Rose with Roots in Raï, by Ron Iverson

Inspiration Comes Like a Swarm of Bees: the Legendary Cheikha Remitti, the Empress of Raï, by Amel Tafsout

The Divine Serpent in Myth and Legend, by Robert T. Mason, Ph.D., D.D.

Abandoned Sacred: Snakeness and Womanness in Three Cultures, by Hea-kyoung Koh

The Serpent Dances: the Ancient Dance Partner, by Maya Karima (Keri Hikida)

Finding the Inner Serpent: Becoming a Snake Priestess, by Le’ema Kathleen Graham

A Women’s World, by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi, Ph.D.

Dancing with Georgia, by Linda Swanson


Volume 17, No. 4, December 1999

Cover: Dahlena

Dahlena, An American Classic, by Farida Gamal

Feminism and Belly Dance, by Andrea Deagon, Ph.D.

Erotic Fantasy or Female Empowerment: Gender Issues in Oriental Dance, by Stavros Stavrou

Staging Unstable Bodies:The Practice of Oriental Dance in the West Within the Context of the Postmodern, by Diane Oatley

Farewell to Tahia, by Edward Said, Ph.D.

Life’s Joy and Incense: the Tahaya Carioca Story, by Nermine Azzazy

Tahia Talks, with Beata and Horacio Cifuentes

Raks Sharqi: Cairo’s Disappearing Act, by Shareen El Safy

“Alf Mabrouk ala il Aroussayn!”: the Cairo Wedding Circuit, by Yasmina

Dancing in the Rain: Cultural Identity and Dance in Egyptian Film, by Habiba

East Meets West: Bridging the Culture Gap Through Film Distribution, by Sa’ida

Paola and the Priest, by Rod Long


Volume 17, No. 3, Spring 1999

Cover: Shahrazad

The Temple Dancer: Shahrazad’s Search for the Sacred, by Ron Iverson

From the Village to the Stage: Shaping Traditional Dance for the Concert Stage, by Karen Lynn Smith

Presenting Ethnic Dance on the Stage: A Case Study of Qashqa’i Dance, by Robyn Friend, Ph.D.

Who Has the Right to Write About Dance?, by Laurel Victoria Gray

From Many Tribes: the Origins of Bal Anat, by Jamila Salimpour

FatChanceBellyDance: American Tribal Style, by Kajira Djoumahna

Pom-poms to Tassels: A Personal Journey from Hands to Hips, by Linda Swanson

Turbans, Tattoos and Tassels: an American Export, by Stephanie Heuer

Samarkand Adventure: The Sharq Taronalari International Festival, by Laurel Victoria Gray

The Ellegua Project: Dancing and Trancing in Cuba, by Latifa


Volume 17, No. 2, Fall, 1998

Cover: Necati Çelik

An Angel on His Shoulder: Turkish Oud Virtuoso Necati Çelik, by Mimi Spencer

Sema Yildiz: Istanbul’s “Dancing Star”, by Eva Çernik

The Queen of Romany Music: Esma Redzepova, by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat

In Search of Turkish Gypsies (Roma), by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat

Without Prejudice and Stereotypes: Please Call Me Rom, by Šani Rifati

Samarkand Adventure: The Sharq Taronalari International Festival, by Laurel Victoria Gray

Still Life on Ceiling: The Dangers (Real and Imagined) of Cross-Cultural Exchange, by Linda Swanson

Ethical Practice in Oriental Dance Education, by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan


Volume 17, No. 1, Spring, 1998

Cover: Ibrahim Farrah

Ibrahim Farrah, 1939-1998: Artist, Educator, Ethnologist, by Michelle Forner

From Cabaret to Theater: The Question of the “Elevation” of Middle Eastern Dance, by Nina Costanza

No Longer Forbidden Fruit: Tasting Lebanese Treasures, by Nuria Tahan

Letters from Lebanon: Getting a Foot in the Door, by Suhaila Salimpour-Khoury

In Search of the Origins of Dance: Real History or Fragments of Ourselves, by Andrea Deagon, Ph.D.

Seeking the Unknown: Critical Issues in Fieldwork for the Dancer/Researcher, by Barbara Racy

Inside the Kingdom: A Western Woman’s Experience of Sa’udi Arabia, by Robyn Friend, Ph.D.

Summertime Dancing: Makeup that Lasts, by Meleah


Volume 16, No. 3, Fall, 1997

Cover: La Meri

La Meri: A Life Dedicated to Ethnic Dance, by Patricia Taylor

Mythology and Symbolism in Middle Eastern Dance, by Andrea Deagon, Ph.D.

Magic in the Dance: An Exploration of Trance and Transformation, by Shakira

Indian Dance Aesthetics: A Treasury of Form and Function, by Patrice Hawkwood Schanck

Loosening Their Tresses: Women’s Dances of the Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, by Kay Hardy Campbell

Inside the Kingdom: A Western Woman’s Experience of Sa’udi Arabia, by Robyn Friend, Ph.D.

The Splendor of Uzbek Dance: Part III: Bukhara, by Laurel Victoria Gray

What’s in a Name? In the Direction of Adopting Standardized Terminology, by Shareen El Safy

Warm-up and Cool-down for the Middle Eastern Dance Class, by Margo Abdo O’Dell


Volume 16, No.2, Spring, 1997

Cover: Amani

Amani’s Magic Mirror, by Shareen El Safy and Jeanette Cool

Mythology and Symbolism in Middle Eastern Dance, by Andrea Deagon, Ph.D

Embodying the Divine: India, Mother of Sacred Dance, by Patrice Hawkwood Schanck

We are Rom, Please Don’t Call Us Gypsies, by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat

The Hammam Experience, by Suzanne Keyser

Cultivating Professionalism, by Laurel Victoria Gray

Towards Effective Criticism: Motivating Positive Change, by Shakira


Volume 16, No.1, Winter, 1997

Cover: Roman Balladine

The “Business” and Bert Balladine: Tales of a Lifetime, by Ma’Shuqa Mira Murjan,

with forward by Shareen El Safy

Jamileh: the Goddess of Iranian Dance, by Robyn Friend, Ph.D.

Searching for Biblical Roots of Belly Dance, by Cia

Songs of Life: Music of the Sephardim, by Vivian J. Stotesbury

A Sefardi Woman from the Island of Rhodes, by Jaime Cader

The Violin in Arabic Music: Developing Expressivity, by Eva Eilenberg

From Raqs Shaabi to Raqs Sharqi: Traditional Forms and Modern Technology, by Aisha Ali

The Headscarf: A Means of Oppression or Liberations? by Ghanima Gaditana

Totally Veiled, by Scheherezade Faramarzi

Executive Derision: Hollywood’s Demonization of Arabs, by Jack G. Shaheen, Ph.D.


Volume 15, No. 3, Summer, 1996

Cover: Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Omar Faruk Tekbilek: Flowing from an Ocean of Sincerity, by Rhea

Dervish Whirling: The Dance of the Known Universe, by Ellen Sander

Adnan Sarhan: A Dancer’s Teacher, A Drummer’s Drummer, A Sufi, by Jenna Gracia Woods

Playing for Peace: Meeting with Nabil Azzam, by Deborah Hunter

The Mellifluent Maqam, by Jeanette Cool

Samara: Sayyida Raks Sharqi, by Nuria Tahan

He is Coming, She is Coming: Guedra, the Tuareg Blessing Dance, by Karol Harding

Guedra: Inside the Living Ritual, by Jenna Gracia Woods

Dancing the Eternal Forces, by Andrea Deagon

Healthy Gains: The Unique Contributions of Middle Eastern Dance, by Shakira


Volume 15, No. 2, Spring, 1996

Cover: Nadia Hamdi

Nadia Hamdi: Giving Joy to the Heart and Eyes, by Morocco

The Exquisite Art of Persian Classical Dance, by Robyn Friend

Raqqas or Jamileh: Contrasting Perspectives on Dance in Iran, by Philip Walker

Guiding the Ancestors Back: Noh Ruz, The Persian New Year, by Philip Walker

Decorating the Divine: An Adventure in Topkapi Palace, by Rosie Boyd

Dance, Body, Universe, by Andrea Deagon

Opening the Gates: Middle Eastern Dance from a Tantric Perspective, by Amy Hubert

From “Raqs Sharqi” to “Belly Dance”: The Transmission of Oriental Dance in the United States, by Michelle Forner

Improving Teaching Skills, by Margo Abdo O’Dell

Teachers, Teachers, and More Teachers, by Horacio Cifuentes


Volume 15, No. 1, Winter, 1996

Cover: Mona El Said

Mona El Said: Moving in Mysterious Ways, by Shareen El Safy

Gypsy in Their Souls: the West Preserves Gypsy Dance Traditions, by Laurel Victoria Gray

Giving to Light: Dancing the Baby into the World, by Morocco

Birth Dance, by Elisabeth Clark

Circling Back: Belly Dance as Birth Meditation, by Janice Olivia Dawn

A Labor of Love, by Delilah

The Expectant Dancer, by Jawahare

Listen and Learn: Leadership Skills for Concert Organizers, by Angelika Nemeth

Three Days in a Chador: Guerilla Tourist in Iran, by Nuria Tahan

The Nights of Thebes: Folkloric Festival of Luxor, by Shareen El Safy

Reel Racism: Father of the Bride, Part II, by Jack Shaheen, Ph.D.


Volume 14, No. 4, Fall 1995

Cover: Burçin Orhon

Burçin Orhon, Innovative Twist on Turkish Oryantal, by Eva Cernik

Latent Orientalism, Part II: The Modern Legacy, by Ronald L. Iverson

In Search of the Arabs, by Jack G. Shaheen, Ph.D.

Songs and Spirits: The “Zar” Ritual in Cairo, by Laurie Eisler

The Zar: A Mirror of Ourselves, by Latifa

The Goddess Dances: Women’s Dances of Georgia, by Laurel Victoria Gray

A Week in Afghanistan: A Proud and Friendly Spirit Against All Odds, by Nuria Tahan

Samasem’s Magic Carpet Ride: Cairo’s Ups and Downs, by Betsy Flood

John Compton: The Sheik of San Francisco, by Bàraka


Volume 14, No. 3, Summer 1995

Cover: Hossam Ramzy

Hossam Ramzy: Drumming Full Circle, by Shareen El Safy

Latent Orientalism, Part I: The Etiology of an Ideology, by Ronald L. Iverson

Amani: Lebanon’s “Diva de la Danse Oriental,” by Nuria Tahan

Out of the Ashes: Oriental Dance Renaissance in Lebanon, by Edwina Nearing

The Splendor of Uzbek Dance, Part II: Ferghana, by Laurel Victoria Gray

Dancing in the Footsteps of Marco Polo: Adventures on the Silk Route, by Nuria Tahan

Inanna’s Descent: An Archetype of Feminine Self-Discovery and Transformation, by Andrea Deagon

Dance with the Wind and Snake Dance, by Ellen Sander

Beyond the Beauty Myth: The Liberating Power of Labanotation, by Menawara

Professional Business Tax Tips, Part VI: Tax-Free Grants, by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan


Volume 14, No. 2, Spring 1995

Cover: Farida Fahmy

One Flower in a Bouquet: Folkloric Pioneer Farida Fahmy, by Sahra C. Kent

The Age-Old Riddle of the Sphinx, by Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Crediting Paul Monty’s Vision: The Birth of the Mideastern Dance Seminar, by Morocco

The Splendor of Uzbec Dance, Part I: Khorezm, by Laurel Victoria Gray

Safe Journey: Latcho Drom Revisited, by Aisha Ali

Myth and Sexuality: The Body as Body, by Jamake Highwater

Back to the Belly: Awakening the Kinesthetic Sense, by Zahra Zuhair

Dance Literacy Through Labanotation, Part II: The Informal Use of Labanotation, by Menawara

Professional Dance Business Tax Tips, Part V: Tax Advice About Foreign Income and Expense Deductions, by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

On-line Dancing: Tapping the Information Superhighway, by James Janner


Volume 14, No. 1, Winter 1995

Cover and Poster: Nelly Mazloum

Quicksilver Messenger: Impressions of Nelly Mazloum, by Rhea

Dancing the Eternal Image: Visual and Narrative Archetypes, by Andrea Deagon

Re-visioning Adam and Eve: Serpent Symbolism in Ancient Goddess Cultures, by Amy Peck

Interview with Raqia Hassan: The Mother of Invention, by Shareen El Safy

Journey into Sudanese Reality: Arab Women Reshape Their Lives, by Hanan

It’s Rough in the Gulf: Dancing in Dubai and Kuwait, by Nuria Tahan

Gaining a Foothold: Oriental Dance in Japan, by Kaylene Thompson Pakeer

Digging into Arab Culture: Building an Arab/American Theater Tradition, by Kari Sprowl

Dance Literacy Through Labanotation Part I: Background and Basics, by Menawara

Well Begun is Half Done: Finding a Qualified Instructor, by Chelydra

Creating a Foundation: Body Awareness, Carriage, and Strength, by Bàraka

Professional Dance Business Tax Tips Part IV: Detailed Advice About Travel Expense

Deductions, by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan


Volume 13, No. 4, Fall 1994

Cover: Suhaila Salimpour

Poster: Jamila Salimpour

Shaping a Legacy: A New Generation in the Old Tradition, by Shareen El Safy

Great Moments at the Fez: Lou Shelby Remembers, by Feiruz Aram

Flashback: A Return to the Roots in the Sixties, by Rhea

Princess Madiha: Oriental Dance Benefits St. Jude’s, by Gisselle Fobbs

Conversation in Cairo: Firm Fact or Frivolous Fiction, by Shareen El Safy

Shadow Dancing: Illuminating the Darker Corners of the Psyche, by Ghanima Gaditana

Arabic 101: Cultural Sensitivity and Language, by Andrea Deagon

Emira’s Wedding, by Hanan

Inspiration for Movement: Optimal Breathing for Full Potential, by Suzanna Del Vecchio

Top Twenty Club Clichés: Survival Skills for the Professional Dancer, by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat

Professional Dance Business Tax Tips: Part III: Travel Expenses, by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan


Volume 13, No. 3, Summer 1994

Cover and Poster: Morocco

Following Her Soul: Raks Sharki, Serendipity and Morocco, by Tarik abd el Malik

Antoinette Awayshak and “La Belle Epoch,” by Jamila Salimpour

The Enduring Mystique of the Almeh, by Nelly Mazloum

Tahia Carioca and Samia Gamal: Reflections from the Stars of the Forties, by Horacio Cifuentes

The Zar: Creating Balance Through Disequilibrium, by Dianne Chidester

A Contemporary Zar in Old Cairo, by Eva Cernik

Dervish Dancing from the Upper Nile, by Hanan

Breathless in a Whirlwind, by Halowah

Revelations Further Revealed, by Wendy Buonaventura

Professional Dance Business Tax Tips: Part II: When is Dance a “Hobby?” by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

Turkish Holiday Delights, by Christine Hall

Traveling with a Costume, by Ghanima Gaditana


Volume 13, No. 2, Spring 1994

Cover and Poster: Aisha Ali

Dancing with the Muse of Aisha Ali, by Eliza Buck

The Transmission of “Oriental” Dance in the United States: A Case Study of Ibrahim Farrah as Teacher, by Michelle Forner

Adventures on the Silk Road: An Interview with Laurel Victoria Gray, by Laura Rose

Houara, Mother of Flamenco, by Morocco

East Meets West in the Middle, by Beatrice Hintze

Tax Tips for the Professional Dance Business, by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

Warnings from the Broom Closet: Taking Issue with the Goddess Issue, by Eithne

Confessions of a Former Cultural Relativist, by Henry H. Bagish

Female “Circumcision” Gains Attention


Volume 13, No. 1, Winter 1994

Cover and Poster: Beata Zadou and Horacio Cifuentes

Partners in Paradox: Beata and Horacio, by Shareen El Safy

Zeffat al ‘Arusah: The Egyptian Procession of the Bride, by Sahra

Berber Dances of Courtship and Marriage, by Morocco

Years of Grace and Glamour: The Story of Egyptian Dance, by Helen Miles

Souhael Kaspar: Percussion Virtuoso, by Kari Sprowl

Understanding Raqs al Baladi, by Hossam Ramzi

Bel Air, Beirut, and Beyond, by Zein Abd Al-Malik

Winning Ways: Reaching for Excellence through Competition, by Bàraka

Exploring the Creative Person, by Peg Hazzard


Volume 12, No. 4, Fall 1993

Cover: Mohammed Khalil

Poster: Nagwa Fouad

A New Concept for Woman: An Interview with Mohammed Khalil, by Shareen El Safy

1876: The First Ripples of Belly Dance on America’s Shores, by Jamila Salimpour

The Language of the Goddess: A Conversation with Marija Gimbutas, by James Powell

Schikhatt: From Sex Education to Social Recreation, by Morocco

Old Traditions and New Apotheosis, by Nelly Mazloum

A Future for the Past: Cairo’s New School for Traditional Music and Dance, by Edwina Nearing

Spearhead: Nawal el-Saadawi and the New Feminist Family, by Katherine Roth

Dancing in Nature, by Delilah

Inana: Queen of Heaven and Earth, a review by Shareen El Safy

Ego Tripping (there may be a reason why), a poem by Nikki Giovanni

Guide to the Goddess, a reading list compiled by Ghanima Gaditana


Volume 12, No. 3, Summer 1993

Cover and Poster: Sahra

Sahra: Deciphering the Language of Oriental Dance, by Leslie Strang Akers

Guedra: Spreading Soul’s Love and Peace to the Beat of the Heart, by Morocco

Hossam Ramzy: Putting the Heart of the Dance into the Music, by Vashti

Dans Oryantal in Turkey, by Eva Cernik

Classical American: Creative Styles in Motion, by Gisselle Fobbs

Rhea in Athens: A Dream Comes True, by Basheera

A Dancer’s Guide to London, by Vashti

Yoga and Dance: Moving in the Moment, by Suzanna del Vecchio

Got the Jitters? by Horacio Cifuentes


Volume 12, No. 2, Spring 1993

Cover and Poster: Dina

Dina at the Mena, by Shareen El Safy

Ghawazi on the Edge of Extinction, by Edwina Nearing

The Making of an Oudist, by John Bilezikjian

Getting Down to Floorwork, by Morocco

A Comparison of Turkish and Egyptian Oriental Dance, by Eva Cernik

On the Trail of the Great Goddess, by Ghanima

A Belly Dancer’s Place in the Market, by Cory Wright

Back in the USSR: Dancing in Uzbekistan, by Delilah

Uzbekistan Ensemble in Seattle: A Gift of Love, by Spring Gibson

Taking a Stand Against Circumcision, by Jennifer Reedy


Volume 12, No. 1, Winter 1993

Cover: Bob Zalot

Poster: Lynn Zalot (“Atech”)

Cover Story: Robert and Lynn Zalot, by Shareen El Safy

Introducing Shareen El Safy, by Bàraka

Images of Women: Portrayal of Women in Photography of the Middle East, 1860-1950, by Jamila Salimpour

Cairo Unveiled: National Geographic Special Features Lucy, by Shareen El Safy

Dancers of the Next Generation, by Horacio Cifuentes

Earthquake in Cairo, by Sah’ra

The Cultural Roots of Hawaiian and Egyptian Dance, by Raeshma (Peggy Hazzard)

Coaching a Winning Performance, by Ma’Shuqa Mira Murjan

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